Monday, February 10, 2020

Hilton Worldwide Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Hilton Worldwide - Assignment Example The company has business operation in 88 countries through 3,800 hotels which offer 6301,000 rooms to its worldwide customers. The company dedicated to provide an exceptional experience to the millions of travellers stay every year with it different brands of hotels and resorts. Hilton Hotels and Resort is most important brand of Hilton Worldwide group which carry the brand recognition of the mother company Hilton Worldwide along with its own brand value. Hilton Hotels and Resort recognized as international hotel chain that includes many hotels and resort across the world. The brand has market presence in 540 locations in 78 countries. It provides contemporary and authentic hospitality services to the guests across the world. The core values and the USP this brand are thoughtful amenities, smart design; innovative dining options that makes this brand a global leader in the hospitality industry. The company has continuous focus on both the leisure travellers and business travellers in the locations where it presents. The company follows similar service design and locations in all the cities like it present near airports and major city centres in all the cities (Hilton Hotels $ Resorts, 2012). ... This journey of the company has been possible by the efficient and unique development strategies like the local know-how and field tested process that assists its business partners or the franchisee holders to effective develop and manage a business with global exposure and experiences. For developing a unique3 service design in all the properties i.e. hotels and resorts of it business partners, it assists to design, building, managing the property of the franchisee holders and other companies who wants to become a business partners and to gain global business experiences. The company is dedicated to provide all solutions to its business partners by its innovative expertise which has made this a leading brand in the worldwide hospitality industry. The company four different innovative divisions or group that has been simultaneously working together for development of this brand in terms of new franchisee acquisition in the different location of the world and they also provide all typ es of solution from construction of hotels and resorts to management services. These four efficient aspects of its total service to the business partners are performance advantage, architecture and construction, owner information services and Hilton management services. Performance advantage service is an innovative and integrated system which provides advanced technology and innovative solutions to the customers as well as the business partners. This service drives the business growth of this company through reduction of cost of cost services without hampering the quality the services it provides. Performance advantage services include seven different kind of innovative services which are Hilton HHonors, Hilton worldwide sales, reservation

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